The following scope of work represents the Union’s work jurisdiction claim.

A. Substrate

Prepare floors by scarifying, filling, levelling, sanding, stripping, encapsulating. Floor levelling including self levelling products, patching or any trowelled, poured or pumped underlayment. Installation of underlayment panels, rigid underlayments, restoration or replacement. Installing specialty sheeting such as suspended subfloors, fibreglass and cement board. Securing loose and squeaking boards or panels. Using fasteners and adhesive such as staples, nails, screws, wood glue, and construction adhesive. Installation and application of moisture reduction barriers,bonding agents and sealers. Application of epoxy coating. Concrete staining and finishing. The preparation of cracks and expansion joints and other necessary modifications of subfloors to make them receptive for the installation of products.

B. Transitions, Trims and Base

Installation of transitions such as reducers, butt edge strips or any transition required to protect raw edges or to provide transition between surfaces. Installation of trims such as quarter round, shoe moulds, nosings, bullnose pieces, capping. Installation of wall bases composed of vinyl, carpet, rubber and wood. Installation of pre-formed corners. Adhering and fastening wall base. Applying wood filler to nail holes and applying bead of caulking for top of moulding such as base and quarter round.

C. Carpet

Installation of stretch-in, direct glue, upholstery, wall carpet and double bond carpet (rolls and tiles), woven, tufted, fusion-bonded, flocked, needle-punched, wool ,wool polyester blend or any natural or synthetic composition and blend thereof. Installation of walk off mats, tack strips, carpet cushion, adhesives (spray, roll and trowelling), seaming tape, hand sewing, proprietary seaming techniques, induction or conventional seaming, binding tape, sealers, stair rods and eyes, area rugs, and runners. Repair carpet by patching, re-stretching, re-tufting, re-adhering (adhesive application by trowel, spray, roller and injecting). Turf, inserts, turf filler (infill) and the work necessary in the total installation and operation of mechanical tools required in the application of artificial turf, energy absorbing pad, and related work operations.

D. Resilient

Installation of resilient flooring either in roll or tile form such as vinyl, rubber, felt back, slip-proof, cork, rotogravure, linoleum, conductive flooring and the installation of grounding strips, pure vinyl, vinyl plank, luxury vinyl tile (LVT), vinyl composite tile (VCT), insets and Static Dissipative Tile (SDT) The application of chemical seam sealers and or heat welding. The application of adhesives such as asphalt emulsion, clear set, conductive, polyurethane, contact tape, contact cement and two-part epoxy using either the spray, roll, trowel or injection methods. Installation of specialty wall covering products such as sheet vinyl and panels. Installing tread, riser and stringer and tactile warning materials. Installing specialty wall coverings using a heat bender. Installation of athletic track materials. Repairing resilient flooring by patching, re-gluing, seam sealing, injecting adhesive and heat welding. Apply caulking.

E. Hardwood

Installation of all wood, prefinished, unfinished, engineered, solid wood and composites. Flooring including cork, domestic and exotic woods, bamboo, reclaimed woods and laminate. Installation of sound barriers, vapour barriers, felt, asphalt and wax paper using installation methods of either glue down, nail, cleat, stapling or floating. The application of lining and striping such as game lines. Sanding and finishing of wood flooring including filling staining and waxing. Repair and refinish hardwood and laminate flooring.

F. General

The use of tools such as hand cutting, rollers, abrading, sanding, fastening, prying stretching,layout marking, measuring, trowelling and floor preparation tools, mechanical, electric, battery, pneumatic and gas powered tools. Removal of all materials and sundries above including but not limited to asbestos related materials, fasteners, adhesives, staples, nails, floorcovering, bases, trims using techniques such as scraping, chipping, sanding, mechanical and chemical means. The installation of the above mentioned materials and sundries are installed on the floor, walls, ceilings, stairs, countertops and indoor/outdoor applications. Vacuuming, sweeping and damp moping. The cleaning and waxing and protective cover of all flooring required at the time of installation, the handling, lifting or moving of any flooring or floorcovering, wall covering and ceiling covering materials on the job site. The installation of computer floors (access flooring). All other work pertaining to floorcoverings, shall be classified as carpet, resilient and hardwood, and shall be assigned by the employer exclusively to employees represented by the Union.